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Testimonials: Why Readers Love CleanTechnica

We asked our readers how they’ve been impacted by reading CleanTechinca over the years. Here’s what they told us:

  • Through reading of CleanTechnica I became much more knowledgeable about EVs, and specifically the work being done at Tesla. I put in an early reservation for the Model 3 and got mine in July of 2018. It has been one of my best decisions! A truly groundbreaking product! Thanks, CleanTechnica, for educating me on EVs and other climate change-beating technologies and developments!
  • My wife and I are in the lucky position to be building a house. We are building an all-electric and hopefully net-zero home thanks much in part to what we have learned by reading CleanTechnica.
  • I have been on a mission to decarbonize our house, installed solar pv, heat pumps, induction stove. Still have a way to go but most of the idea that this would be possible came from reading CleanTechnica.
  • I just purchased an electric bicycle and I absolutely love it! I wish I could tell everyone how friggin fun it is. I purchased it to help motivate me to not use my truck for nearby trips and actually have fun while I do them. On my first ride I literally said out loud (to no one) “This is so much fun!!”
  • When our central air conditioner stopped working, we decided it was time to upgrade our heating system as well since it was almost 30 years old. We went with a ducted heat pump and installed a new heat pump water heater. We no longer had to start the house heat to have enough hot water to take a shower. Also, when home heating oil went over $5/gallon, I was smiling big.
  • [CleanTechnica] motivated us to install four free EV chargers at our office parking lot.
  • Seeing all the good news about electric car adoption around the world inspired me to buy one for my family in Reno, NV. We have Tesla solar power in ours, are planning on switching our furnace to a heat pump, and support green energy initiatives nationwide, while also donating to the Clean Air Task Force.
  • We have been electrifying our lives, with EVs, rooftop solar, a heat pump water heater, etc. We walk the walk so that we can advocate for climate solutions with our friends, family, local government, and our church. And our church now has solar as well!
  • CleanTechnica has been a reliable source of clean energy alternatives for many years. An essential part of my personal mission in protecting and renewing our planet.
  • Helped start a large community garden at a local college with a solar powered water collection system.
  • I always read the CleanTechnica articles for a more in-depth look at emerging developments. Your organization helps me to discern the needed trends for investing and facility upgrades.
  • I just landed my first job in renewables and am thrilled to be helping to change the world with a like-minded team!cleantech revolution
  • Because of CleanTechnica I joined a local electric vehicle club and started going to their events. Through them, I have made new friends and become involved in other words local climate groups.
  • I taught a university class: Global Sustainable Energy, online for 15 years. Each week had a current event assignment. I used CleanTechnica as a source for these assignments more times than I could count. It was the student’s favorite weekly task. Keep up the good work!
  • I cited CleanTechnica articles for three years in my radio show. I enjoy the intelligent forum responders, especially in that they don’t let bots and FUD prevail.
  • Your articles really help me to fight FUD locally and influence companies!
  • I love CleanTechnica, because it has its own voice and is not afraid to use it! All its posts are full of interesting and important information, and all shared opinions are supported by facts, rather than wishful thinking. Go, CleanTechnica!
  • [CleanTechnica] helps me learn details about clean energy incentives, industry progress and techniques of smaller industry players. I gain insight into the broadening range of clean energy matters.
  • We purchased an EV (Tesla) in 2019 and then added solar panels in 2020 so we could drive on sunshine, partly due to the influence of CleanTechnica.
  • I drive our company’s first EV in our fleet!
  • CleanTechnica helps me as I learn about transitioning to clean energy in my home and in my advocacy as a volunteer for electric transportation. I can also rely on what I learn here when global warming comes up in conversation.
  • When I joined the EV charging world professionally as a marketing communications expert at the beginning of 2022, I was looking for industry knowledge and updates on an everyday base. CleanTechnica is still one of the first-choice sources of information I rely on.
  • To date, as a result of my experience with Cleantechnica, my family has switched to rooftop solar and BEVs, negating our net electic consumption and all our gasoline purchases. HVAC is next up to shed fossil gas consumption.
  • My team at UC Davis identifies opportunities to save energy (either through conservation or efficiency) and is funded by the energy savings we achieve. It’s a win-win for the university and a great incentive for us to be excited to work every day.
  • CleanTechnica is a great source for information to use as a to develop presentations and proposals to elected officials and and executives to motivate them to join the battle to mitigate the accelerating climate crisis.
  • This site is a great way to stay informed of developments across a range of technologies that are helping to reduce our environmental impacts! Thanks for the great work that you do!
  • I installed solar panels about six years ago and they’re saving me thousands every year. Have been preaching to anyone who listens about the pros of green energy both for the pocket and planet.
  • CleanTechnica helps me have informed conversations about solar power, EVs, battery backups, and various other subjects in the realm of renewable energy resources.
  • It’s like a daily vitamin. Can’t live without it!

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