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If you’d like to republish some of our original content to help build your brand, inform your audience, or just spread the word about the promise of clean tech and renewable energy, we are happy to now offer articles from CleanTechnica as syndicated content to select publishers.

Syndicating our original content can be a quick and easy way to bring more eyeballs to your site with little work involved on your end. We do, however, have some restrictions on the types of content available for syndication, as not every article we publish is available for syndication. Articles that have been previously published on other sites and then syndicated to CleanTechnica are not available for syndication through us, as the original publishers retain all rights to those articles and permission for republishing them will have to be granted by them.


Republish a CleanTechnica article: $300 (with clear citation and a link back to the original article on CleanTechnica)

Quote up to one paragraph of an article: Free (with clear citation and a link back to the original article on CleanTechnica)

Bulk syndication pricing: please reach out to Scott Cooney, Director of Business Development,


In order to stay on good terms with search engines, we ask that all syndicated content contain a statement to the effect of “Originally published on CleanTechnica,” with a link back to the original article (not the home page), and stating the author’s name. This backlink should contain a REL attribute in its html markup, as shown in the below example in bold text:

< a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”canonical“>CleanTechnica</ a>

This rel=”canonical” attribute tells search engines that the referenced link is to the original publication of the article, and that the article following that statement is a republication of the original, which should ensure that CleanTechnica retains its authority as the original publisher and that the domain that republishes the article isn’t penalized by search engines for republishing it.

Both the featured images and any images within the syndicated article will need to be vetted for proper attribution, as any unauthorized use of copyrighted images may be subject to penalties by the original copyright holder. Images produced by the CleanTechnica team may be reproduced with proper attribution (i.e. “Photo by“) in syndicated articles, but any other images, including company press images, may only be used once proper permissions have been granted by the original source, and should also be correctly attributed to that source.

For more information on syndicated content, please see the following references:

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